Across the states of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra two rivers Hirri and Wainganga follow a winding path, tumbling over rocks and valleys and irrigating several towns along their route. The people of the region tell a story about the marriage of the two rivers and how an evil god nearly put paid to their plans

The beautiful Hirri river and the Wainganga were all set for a grand wedding. A date was set and the gods all invited for the grand feast. All gods that is, except Kukra Deo. Kukra Deo was known for his mischievous and crooked nature and he was forgotten or deliberately kept out of the list of invitees.

Angry, the god decided to wreak vengeance on the marriage party. The wedding time was set for the first hours of the morning and Kukra Deo stationed himself strategically behind a hill, waiting for the revellers to arrive. As they did, he let out a wicked laugh and hurled a sleeping cock on the gathering.

The cock gave a loud yell as he fell and all the invitees were instantly turned into stone. However, the bridegroom Wainganga showed tremendous presence of mind and caught hold of a weeping Hirri as he leapt away before the wrath of the god turned them into stone too.

Story collected by: Arundhuti Dasgupta

Source: Folk tales of central India by Durga Bhagvat

Location: Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra

Image source; wikipedia