The temple of Lord Sangameswarar stands on the banks of the river Bhavani in Tamil Nadu. The idol is believed to have risen from the earth, a phenomenon labelled as swayambhu or one that is self-generated.

The temple is popular because it is built on the Triveni Sangam, a place where three rivers Cauvery , Bhavani and Amudha meet.

The temple is also home to the consort of Lord Sangameswarar, to a goddess is called Vedavalli.  A miracle is attributed to this goddess and has been inscribed on the temple walls.

The story goes like this:

A British officer (name not written) was sleeping in his cottage. The goddess appeared in his dreams and asked him to step out immediately. He did as asked and he saw a young girl. The girl ran away and disappeared into the night as the officer followed her. But no sooner did the British officer leave the house, it collapsed.

Relieved and shocked at the turn of events the officer was eager to know who had saved his life. He went to the temple priest who, upon hearing the entire story removed three bricks from the wall of the temple to show him the face of the goddess.

The officer realised that this was the very girl who had saved his life. Deeply grateful, he donated an ivory cradle for the goddess which is still preserved in the temple. He also rebuilt the temple as it stands today, the current structure dates to 1804.


Story collected by: Vaishnaavi Ramesh

Source: As written in the temple walls

Location: Tamil Nadu

Image details: Sangameshwara temple, Tamil Nadu

Image source: Wikipedia