About Talking Myths Project

About Talking Myth Project

Talking Myths Project is a curated online archive of myths from across the Indian subcontinent. It provides a platform for anyone, anywhere in the world, who has a myth from the region to share and start a conversation around it At Talking Myths Project we are open to those who have an insight about how such myths came to be and the project is committed to building a repository of myths that belong to the people of this region.

The aim is to document the myths of the region and its oral history traditions.  Through this, the project hopes to provide a creative and scholarly exposition of the diverse heritage of myths that enrich the cultures of the region and the patterns that emerge therein.

Traditionally myths are oral tales. They are passed down the generations either as a sacred story or as an aphorism and treasured by a community as a valuable source of their heritage. When people migrate, their stories travel with them and over time even if the narratives change their relevance and meaning remain intact. The national and cultural character of India and subcontinent was maintained through such narratives. The Talking Myths Project will attempt to capture and engage with this shared mythological heritage of the region.

If you have  a tale/s, or  a rite, that you may have heard from your mother or grandma or a family elder,  and  would like to share with us as part of the  archive, we will be happy to put it on the website and document it as part of this project with due credits. No story is too small or too insignificant for our collection.

Please note that all submitted data in form of texts or images will be curated by the team TMP. Due credit and acknowledgement will be given to the sender

Post your written /audio /video story  on –  talkingmyths@gmail.com. Or contact@talkingmyths.com