Terms and Conditions

We at talking myths project (tmp) do not charge any fees for publication of your stories, however, please make a note of  the following terms and conditions –

  1. 1. Any myth/folktale/legend/etc. or what we know better as ‘traditional tale’ can be sent to us.
  2. By sending us your traditional tale, the sender is the owner of the post and you agree to allow us to publish the same. You also agree to allow us to use the same for any academic purpose in any forum/s.
  3. We reserve the right to publish the tale sent to us and is not bound to offer reasons for not publishing them on tmp
  4. In case we receive any query regarding any licensing or sale of such posts uploaded on our website, the owner of the post will be contacted. However, talking myths reserves the right to charge or waive it off, based on the discretion of the tmp management.
  5. We at tmp do now own any rights to articles and associated images if any for any licensing or sale related issues.
  6. All posts sent to us are stored and archived for our internal purpose.
  7. We reserve the right to publish or remove the story/myth due to a number of reasons, keeping in mind local and/or religious sensibilities, or any other factor affecting people at large.
  8. We at tmp are not responsible for any conflicts, both legal or otherwise that may arise out of any post by any individual.

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  1. tmp does not claim any copyrights to the images/pictures and the takes sent by the contributor. They reside with the sender and s/he bears all responsibility of the same
  2. Once posted on tmp, no part of the same, i.e. both pictures and the narrative associated with it can be copied or reproduced without our prior, written permission.
  3. If tmp finds such unauthorized usage, it will call for a legal action.
  4. For permissions for usage, please contact –