Submission Criteria

Submission Criteria
  1. Any traditional tale that you have heard, witnessed, etc. can be sent to us.
  2. The sender of the post will be deemed owner of the post
  3. Please ensure that you are aware of the myth and are able to provide information that might be required for any purpose regarding the same.
  4. We encourage submissions with pictures/images associated with the tales
  5. 5. Do provide captions to pictures/images sent by you.
  6. If an image/photograph is sent along with a post, it is imperative to give details of the same, like location, date taken, etc. associated with the image.
  7. Please note that your posts will be edited and/or moderated for reasons both legal and technical.

Details of tales –

  1. All details like source, date, time-period of the tales, etc. need to be provided along with the myths.
  2. All images and pictures should be relevant to the associated tale
  3. Avoid sending images/pictures of size beyond 1MB and should be in .jpg format
  4. All submissions should be sent in word format with a .doc extension
  5. All contact details of the sender, like name, address, email-id, mobile no, etc. must be sent along with the post.