Hanuman and the mind immediately conjures up an image of him carrying the Sanjeevani mountain or kneeling at the feet of Lord Rama and Sita. Hanuman is the most favourite god in the Hindu pantheon in the recent times. He belongs to the tribe called Kimpurushas who are mystical beings that are half animal and half human. Did you know that Hanuman fought his first battle when he was still in his womb?

According to this tale, Vali was the undisputed leader of the vanaras. He was a very powerful ape. He heard that a great being was going to be born and Hanuman was in Anjana’s womb. He decided to kill the child so that there was no competition to him. He made a dart of gold, silver, tin, copper and iron. When Anjana was sleeping in the night he stealthily aimed the dart at the womb. A normal child would have died but not Hanuman. The dart became a pair of beautiful earrings. He had won his first battle even before he was born.

Hanuman was said to have been born with a pair of earrings, a sacred thread made of hemp and a loin cloth around him which signifies his brahmachari status. His earrings can be seen only by his master. He knew Lord Rama was his master when he commented on the earrings.



Story collected by: Vaishnaavi Ramesh

Source: Oral tradition and Hanuman by Vanamali

Location: Pan-India